Happy Children’s Day Wishes Images (14th Nov.), Children’s Day Quotes

Happy Children’s Day Wishes Images (14th Nov.), Children’s Day Quotes

Children’s Day Is A Commemorative Date Celebrated Annually In Honor Of Children, Whose Date Of Observance Varies By Country. This Day Is Celebrated On 14 November Of Every Year. It Is Celebrated On The Birthday Of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (Chacha Nehru) Who Was The First Prime Minister Of India. This Day Is Also Called Universal Children’s Day.

Happy Children’s Day Quotes Wishes

We are the future,
The hope for a brighter tomorrow,
We, the children of the world,
Are symbols of promise, and potential.
Happy Children’s Day!

Children spread joy and happiness in every season,
As they are most beautiful creation of God
They spread fragrance of love wherever they go
Happy Children’s Day!

 Children are the future
Nurture them right, so that they grow up to be able leaders.
And lead the world towards light.
Happy Children’s Day!

What is life without children
Like a world without the sun, stars and moon
Blessed are the ones who have children
Shower all your love on them
Happy Children’s Day!

Children are sensitive and innocent,
They are the little angels of God,
And the future of mankind.
Wishing the very best on this Children’s Day!

Childhood means
Fun unlimited,
Bounteous shower of love and care,
Realm of imagination,
Joy of growing up.
Happy Children’s Day!

Sending your way a bunch of flowers
that blossom your life with love,
happiness and cherishable moments!
Have a Beautiful Childrens Day

Only Children Believe
They’re Capable Of Everything..

Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends,
because now, when I look back,
marks never make me laugh, but memories do..
Happy Children’s Day

Children’s Day is not just a day
to let the future generation have its say
but it’s time to celebrate the notorious childhood!

Keep the child you alive always!
To the child within you.
Happy Children’s Day

The Teachers Digest Wishes
All Children A Very Happy Children’s Day!!

It’s an occasion to cherish the buoyant
free spirit of childhood and rekindle the child within.
Have a Cherishable Children’s Day!

Hey it’s our special day to spread love,
happiness and enjoy the treats dancing to the twinkling rhythm.
Happy Children’s Day

Children are the image of God
Let’s celebrate the spirit of childhood
on this Happy Children’s Day

Hey, it’s Children’s Day.
Have a hip-hop-happy time kidding around !!

Climb every mountain, Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, Till You find your dream..
‘Happy Children’s Day’

Children are God’s best creation;
They spread happiness and joy in every season;
Handle them with love and care…
Happy Children’s Day

Days filled with sunshine and clear skies Days
filled with playtime and merriment
Hope you enjoy these carefree days…
Happy Children’s Day…

There are only two lasting gifts
we should give our children;
one is roots and second is wings…
!!Happy Children’s Day!!

Every child is a gift of nature,
Give them their today, Give them time to play,
And make way for their future..
Happy Children’s Day!!

Childhood means endless fun, sharing love,
being mischievous and joy of growing.
Wishing you a cheerful future!
Happy Children’s Day

There are some things, money can’t buy,
One of such thing is our childhood,
enjoy and spirit of childrens day…
Happy Children’s Day !!

Childhood is about innocence and playfulness,
It is about joy and freedom.
Happy Children’s Day..

Children You are the future of our country.
So on this day.. I wish you joy and success..
In Whatever you do..!
Happy Childrens Day!!

Every child is a different kind of flower,
and all together, Make this world a beautiful garden..
Happy Children’s Day

If you plant honesty, you will reap trust.
If you plant goodness, you will reap friends..
If you plant humility, you will reap greatness.
Happy Children’s Day

May the love n laugher always stay on
every child’s face..
Happy Childrens Day!

Time for some splashing fun Cheers n Jolly time for everyone coz its Children’s Day.

We are the future…
The hope for a brighter tomorrow…
We the children of the world…
Are symbols of promise…
and potential…
Happy Children’s Day!

Children Are Like A Wet Cement.
Whatever Falls On Them Makes An Impression.

“Children are the World’s most valuable resources
and its best hope for the future”
Happy Children’s Day.

Children are the image of God
Let’s celebrate the spirit of childhood on this
Children’s Day

Such a treasure your precious child is,
Who will thrive on every hug and kiss.
Hold them close and sing them songs,
they will only be a child for so long.
Happy Children’s Day.

Dear children!
A smile of yours can show heaven on earth.
A twinkle of your eyes can still us for ages.
Happy children’s day.
God Bless.

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