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Guru Ravidas Jayanti Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye, Ravidass Jayanti Wishes

“आइए मिलकर भक्ति गीत गाते हैं और भक्ति गीतों की धुन पर नृत्य करते हैं। 🌹🌹 आप सभी को गुरु रविदास जयंती की शुभकामनाएं।”

“आप हमें बुद्धि का प्रकाश दिखाते हैं और मूर्खता के अंधेरे से दूर भागते हैं। आपको बहुत बहुत मुबारक हो गुरु रविदास जयंती।”

“प्रभु के आनन्द का गीत गाओ, प्रभु के नाम की सेवा करो,
उनके सेवकों के सेवक बनो।  रविदास जयंती की शुभकामनाएँ!”

“यदि आप अच्छा नहीं कर सकते, तो कम से कम दूसरों को नुकसान न पहुँचाएँ। यदि आप एक फूल की तरह नहीं रह सकते हैं, तो कम से कम कांटे की तरह न रहें। 🌹🌹 हैप्पी गुरु रविदास जयंती।”

“हर दिन एक नई शुरुआत है, सूर्योदय और सूर्य अस्त है। जीवन चलता रहता है। हमारे आसपास के लोग भी गायब हो जाते हैं। मौत से कोई नहीं बच सकता। 🌹🌹 गुरु रविदास जयंती की हार्दिक बधाइयाँ।”

“पानी और उसकी तरंगों में कोई अंतर नहीं है। उसी तरह, आप, मैं और भगवान में कोई अंतर नहीं है। 🌹🌹 हैप्पी गुरु रविदास जयंती।”

Happy Kiss Day Wishes, Kiss Day Messages For Lovers

There is no gift greater than a sweet kiss from you on my lips. Happy Kiss Day Baby!

I’m sending a thousand kisses to my amazing girlfriend on this special day. I’ll be waiting for you to send me what’s mine, too.

Dear Husband, Happy kiss day! Thanks for all your love and support. Lots of warm kisses to you on this special day. Love you.

Whenever I kiss you, it feels like I am inside of you and I can feel your soul inside me. I love you and I miss you a lot. Happy kiss day!

Your kiss has a healing power that fades away all my worries. Happy kiss day, my love.

Sometimes I fail to find words to express my love for you; that’s why I prefer kisses over words. Missing you so badly on this day.

A big hug to all the people I love, to all who stand by me in every situation. A warm wrap of my arms around you my family and friends because you make my life beautiful. Happy Hug Day!

Happy kiss day, my dear boyfriend. Your kisses make me feel loved. I love you, baby.

Nothing can be more precious than a kiss from your sweetheart. Happy Kiss Day.

I have so many ways to prove my love for you, but on this day, I prefer to start everything with a kiss. Happy kiss day my love.

Kisses work like a natural sweetener for every relationship. The more you kiss, the sweeter our love becomes. Happy kiss day!

I’m sending a thousand kisses to my amazing girlfriend on this special day. I’ll be waiting for you to send me what’s mine, too.

Kissing lets us fall in love with each other again and again and make us flawless in the eyes of each other forever. Happy kiss day.

Happy kiss day to you. Your one kiss can make my day better. I love you.

Love becomes complete when two lips of lovers meet. Kissing you is always a comforting and heavenly feeling for me! Happy kiss day.

I have a box full of surprises for you, but the one you’ll love most is for your lips. I can’t wait to give it to you. Happy kiss day.

Kisses work like a natural sweetener for every relationship. The more you kiss, the sweeter our love becomes. Happy kiss day!

You are the only person I want to kiss for the rest of my life. Happy kiss day!

Baby, Happy Promise Day! Thank you for always keeping even the littlest promises!

I am forever grateful to God for letting me have you in my life. I promise to value and honor you like this forever. Happy promise day.

I PROMISE to LOVE you forever! Happy Promise Day Baby!

I’ll always be there for you even if the whole world falls apart. It’s a promise I made right when I first met you. Happy promise day!

Love, till my last breath, you will be the only one for me, I promise! Happy Promise Day!

Every breath I take is a guaranty for you that I’ll love you as long as I’m alive. Don’t let any other thoughts bother you.

Maybe I’m too late to be your first But right now,
I’m preparing myself to be your last. I Promise Happy Promise Day

Love Need
No Demands And
No Expectations.
Just Sincerity And Trust!
Happy Promise Day

Promise make your relation stronger,
it shows how much you can do for your love.
Happy Promise Day

Promise to you my dear We will walk together till the life ended.
Happy Promise Day

I promise to always treat you like a queen.
You region over my heart. and your wish is my command.
Happy Promise Day

Hold my hand and I promise I’ll never let you go. Happy Promise Day Dear

I promise I’ll be there whenever you need. Happy Promise Day

I am not the best but i promise I will love you with all my heart.
Happy Promise Day

Promise Day One Line Status

Love is promise that can last forever..
Happy Promise Day

Promise me you will be with me forever.

I promise to be there with you always…
Happy Promise Day

Friendship is not a word,
not simply a relationship,
it is a silent promise which says,
A HEADACHE for u, forever & ever

Promise to you My Dear We will walk together till the life ended..
Happy Promise Day

You will always be the answer,
when somebody asks me what I’m thinking about.
Happy Promise Day

I can win the world With my hand,
only if you promise me To hold my other hand, For a Lifetime..!
Happy Promise Day

I promise you no matter what happens
I will be’ there with you. always.

A promise must never be Broken.

Dear Me, One Day I’ll Make You Proud. I Promise..

No matter where you are I will always
find my way to Make a promise of living with you forever.
Happy Promise Day

Love is a promise that can last Forever.
Happy Promise Day

I promise to never let you feel alone in this world.
Happy Promise Day

Give me a chance to love you And i promise
i’ll do my best to make you smile every day.
Happy Promise Day

Promise is a Big Word.
It Either Makes Something or it Breaks Everything.

Promise Day

I promise to always do whatever I can to make you smile.
Happy Promise Day

I can’t promise to fix all problems
but U can promise you won’t have to face them alone.
Happy Promise Day

My love will always be with you till the day I die.
I promise to walk this life with you forever…

I promise to always do whatever I am to make you smile.
Happy Promise Day

Today I promise my breaths I will always keep your love in my heart.
Happy Promise Day

Can You Just Promise To Stay Here With Me For The Rest Of My Life.
Happy Promise Day

My promise to you, dear sweetheart..
I’ll always love you and keep happy.
Happy Promise Day

Do you know the difference between promises and memories?
We break promioses, while memories breaks us.

I love you to infinity and beyond. That’s a pinky promise.
Happy Promise Day

Forever is not today,
Not tomorrow or a century
That will come,
But a lifetime.
And i promise to love you

I can’t promise to solve all your problems,
I can promise, that I will never let you face them alone. Happy Promise Day!

I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky.
Happy Promise Day!

If one day you feel like crying, call me.
I can’t promise to make you laugh,
but I’ll be cry with you. Happy Promise Day!

If you are cold at night,
Let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket. Happy Promise Day!

Friendship Need No Promises, No Demands And No Expectations. Just Sincerity And Trust! Happy Promise Day

Friendship Need No Promises, No Demands And No Expectations. Just Sincerity And Trust! Happy Promise Day

I promise to be there with you always… Happy Promise Day

Promise Day English Message

Love Is The Happiness Of Today,
And Promise Of Tomorrow,
So This Warm Note Comes To U,
To Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love.
Happy Promise Day.

“Promise yourself…
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health,happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.”

On this promise day i promise i will be there to hold your hand,
When sorrows come and troubles land.
I promise to never let you feel alone in this world

You Deserve The Best Things In Life
And I Have Only A Promise To
Give To You, This Promise Is
To Make Your Life Most Pleasant
In All The Ways There Is Keep These
Wishes Near To Your Heart Always.
Happy Promise Day

I Promise to..
❣Adore You…..❣
❣Admire You…❣
❣Respect You.❣
❣Entertain you❣
Throughout all the Days of My Life…

Oh My Soul Mate…
I Promise to Keep Your
•• Love••
& Feelings upgraded,
till My Last Breath….

❤️❤️I Love You❤️❤️
•I Promise to Love You Every Moments of My Life…
•I Promise to Share my all Times to Keep you Happy..
•I Promise to Convert all ur tears in to a Smile…
•I Promise to Stay with You till i Live in these World..
❤️❤️I Love You❤️❤️

I will make mistakes,
I will say stupid things,
I will make some bad decisions,
I will get mad,
I will get on your nerves at times,
I will not always look perfect.
If you love me through everything that may go wrong,
I WILL make it worth your while.

Forever is not today,
Not tomorrow or a century
That will come,
But a lifetime.
And i promise to love you

When you are imp to another person.
That person will always find a way to make time for you.
No excuses.
No lies.
No broken promises.!!

Best lines said by a best frend:
“I cannot promise to solve all ur problems,
I can only promise that I will never let u face them alone..

I may not always stay in touch.
But i care 4 u very much!
I may not prove 2 b d perfect friend
but i promise d relationship we share never ends

No matter where you are
I will always find my way to
Make a promise of living with you forever
happy Promise day

Making Promise with you
Will not leave alone you alone
Neither today nor tomorrow
Happy Promise Day

Never wait until tomorrow to Promise someone you could Promise today,
Because when you give one, you get one right back your way.
happy Promise Day

Speaking Without Egos
Loving Without Intentions
Caring Without Expectations
I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always
Happy Promise Day

I must have been born under a lucky star
to find a person as nice as you are
I will follow the rainbow to the end ,
if you promise to be my friend
happy Promise Day

We met it was Luck
We talked it was CHANCE
We became friends it was DESTINY
We are still friends it is FAITH
We will always be friends its a PROMISE
Happy Promise Day .

वादा किया हैं तो निभाएंगे,
बन के फ़िज़ा तेरा जीवन महकायेंगे
हम हैं तो जुदाई का गम कैसा,
तेरी हर सुबह फूलो से सजायेंगे
हैप्पी प्रॉमिस डे

हर पल के रिश्ते का वादा हैं तुमसे
अपनापन कुछ इतना ज्यादा हैं तुमसे
कभी ना सोचना के भूल जायेंगे तुम्हे
ज़िन्दगी भर का साथ देंगे ये वादा है तुमसे
हैप्पी प्रॉमिस डे

वादा करते हैं दोस्ती निभाएंगे
कोशिश यही रहेगी तुझे ना सतायेंगे
जरुरत पड़े तोह दिल से पुकारना
मर भी रहे होंगे तो मोहलत लेकर आएंगे
हैप्पी प्रॉमिस डे फ्रेंड्स

वादा है तुझसे कभी रुलायेंगे नही,
हालात जो भी हो तुझे भुलायेंगे नहीं,
छुपा के अपनी आँखों में रखेंगे तुझको
दुनिया में किसी और को दिखाएंगे नहीं।
हैप्पी प्रॉमिस डे

ये वादा हैं हमारा,
ना छोड़ेंगे कभी साथ तुम्हारा
जो गए तुम हम भूल कर कहीं,
ले आएंगे पकड़ कर हाथ तुम्हारा

Har Pal Ke Rishte Ka Wada Hai Tumse,
Apnapan Kuch Itna Jyada Hain Tumse,
Kabhi Na Sochna Ki Bhul Jayenge Tumhe,
Zindagi Bhar Ka Sath Denge Ye Wada Hai Tumse. Happy Promise Day

I promise Jaan Ki Kitni Bhi Tough Situation Kyu Na Ho Hum Tumhara Saath Kabhi Nahi Chorenge. Happy Promise Day

Pyaar mein choti choti galatiyo Ko maaf kar dena chahiye, Kyunki galati tumhari ho ya Meri rishta to humara hai na. Happy Promise Day

Ye Promise Hai Humara
Na Chhodenge Kabhi Saath Tumhara
Jo Gaye Tum Hume Bhool Kar
Le Aayenge Pakad Kar Haath Tumhara
Happy promise Day

हर पल तुम्हें प्यार 💞 करेंगे ये इरादा है,💘
कयामत तक रहेेगा हमारा साथ, ये वादा है… ✋Happy Promise Day✋

सोचा था ना करेंगे किसी से दोस्ती,
ना करेंगेे किसी से वादा पर क्या करें,
दोस्त मिला इतना प्यारा कि,
करना पड़ा दोस्ती का वादा…💞 ✋HAPPY PROMISE DAY MY BEST FRIEND✋🙂🙂

तेरा हाथ चाहती हूँ तेरा साथ चाहती हुँ,
बाहों में तेरी रहना में दिन रात चाहती हुँ,
बस यही वादा में तुमसे चाहती हूँ… Happy Promise Day…

ये  Promise  है हमारा,
ना छोड़ेंगे कभी साथ तुम्हारा,
जो गये तुम हमें भूल कर,
ले आयेंगे पकड़ कर हाथ तुम्हारा… Happy Promise Day

“मेरा promise hai babu”
“Waqt acha ho ya बुरा”
“हमेशा आप के साथ rahunga”
“love you Forever”
“Happy Promise Day”

Promise Day Hindi Messages

में वादा करता हु..❤️
तेरी हर ख़ुशी पर अपनी जान निछावर कर दूँगा,
तेरे हर मंज़िल का रास्ता बन जाओंग,
और इतना प्यार करूँगा के 7 जन्म भी कम पद जायेगा मेरे प्यार के लिए.. Happy Promise day

Socha tha na karenge kisi se dosti,
Na karenge kisi se vaada,
Par kya kare dost mila itna pyara
Ki karna Pada dosti Ka vaada.. Happy Promise Day

Aaj Promise Day Hai Mujhse Karo Wada Ki,
Kabi Mera Dil Na Dukhaoge,
Kabi Mujhe Chhod Ke Na Jaoge,
Khusi Aur Gam Me Mohabbat Nibhaoge,
Aur Sirf Mujhe Hi Chahoge..
Ye Wada Karo Sanam.. Happy Promise Day

“Apne se kabhi judda”
“nhi hone dunga”
“हर दिन प्यार से भरा hoga”
“pyar hi pyar hoga”
“Subha se shaam tak”
“Shaam se subha tak”
“I love you my sweet jaan”
“Happy Promise Day”

Mai Is Promise Day Pe Wada Karta Hu,
Ki Hamesha Tujhe Khush Rakhunga,
Kabi Koi Gam Tere Kareeb Na Aane Dunga,
Har Khwaish Tere Honto Pe Aane Se Pehle Puri Karunga,
Hamesha Sirf Teri Chahat Dilme Basa Ke Rakhunga..!
Happy Promise Day.

क़सम हैं इस Dil की..
क़सम हैं इस साँसों की
क़सम हैं इस प्यार की..
के तुझे हर पल, में बहुत प्यार करूँगा..
Happy Promise Day

“Tumhari chahat ko”
“Apni chahat bnalunga”
“itna pyar karta hu tumhe”
“Aur karta rahunga”
“mere sohna”
“mere babu”
“meri jaan”
“Happy Promise Day”
“i luv you Forever” Happy Promise Day

Promise Day Quotes For Boyfriend

Aj Promise Day Hai apne Pyar Se Kro Wada Keh
Kabhi Na dil dukhao Ge, Kabhi Na Chhor K Jao Ge
Us K Gham Mein Sog Khushi Mein Muskurao Gay
Har cheez Se Bahd K Sirf Usi Ko chaho Gay
Kro Wada or Pa Lo Us Ki Muhabbat
Happy Promise Day

Suna Hai Wo Jate Hue Keh Gay Eke
Ab To Hum Sirf Tumare Khabo Me Ayenge
Koi Keh De Unse Ke Wo Wada Kar Lee
Hum Jindagi Bhar Ke Liye So Jayenge
Happy Promise Day

Main tujhse aaj ek waada karta hun,
Ki main saare wadein nibhaunga…!! Happy Promise Day

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyaar hai sirf tumse. Happy Promise Day

Chahte hai wo hum se waisi chahat ka wada
Jaise!!! Ki hum unki bas jaan hi ban jaye.. Happy Promise Day

Na tum samet sakogi jise qyamat tak,
Kasam tumhari tumhe itna pyar karte hai. Happy Promise Day

Unka waada hai ke wo laut aayenge
Isi ummeed par ham jeeye jayenge. Happy Promise Day

Jhoote waade karke tune mere dil se khela hai
Yahi wajah hai ke aaj tu itna tanha aur akela hai. Happy Promise Day

Kiya tha wada aane ka, lekin aap nibhana bhul gaye,
Aag to laga di mere dil mein, lakin bhujana bhul gaye. Happy Promise Day

Wada h ye tujse mere sanam, teri dhadkano ki kasam
Jab tak hai dum me dum, yeh pyaar naa hoga kam….!!! Happy Promise Day

Happy Chocolate Day Quotes For Girlfriend, Feb 9 Chocolate Day

I just wanted to say that you make me happy on a whole another level. Thank you for making my life complete! Happy Chocolate Day.

Thank you for making my life tremendously glorious. You make everything brighter than ever. Happy Chocolate Day, Darling.

I won’t mind if you give me all your chocolates today—a happy chocolate day to you.

Chocolate tastes sweeter when it’s been shared with you. Happy chocolate day, my love.

Thank you so much for brightening up my day and making me feel special every day of the year. Happy Chocolate Day, Babe.

These chocolates are for the person who’s sweeter than chocolate. happy chocolate day to you!

I find myself lucky as I found my best friend and soul mate in you and nothing feels better than ever! Happy Chocolate Day, Partner.

I’ll never get tired of chocolates and you! Wishing you a happy chocolate day!

Happy chocolate day to the one who lights up my world like nobody else. May you never stop beaming and the peak is just the beginning!

Smile and eat loads of chocolate to make this chocolate day truly special and blessed. Happy Chocolate Day, my love.

May all the negative energy get soaked in from you and be gone far away, forever! Happy Chocolate Day, Darling. Have a great day, ahead.

You make me fall in love with you every day a little bit more than yesterday. I love you, dear! Happy Chocolate Day.

Words can never express how much I am in love with you. My prayers are always for you to be happy and healthy. May your life be as sweet as the chocolates.

Sending you greetings full of chocolaty flavor. I really hope you know that you are the greatest every day present for both of us!

As I’ve sent you the first chocolate day wish, I deserve the first chocolate from you. Happy chocolate day!

Here’s to growing old together, hand in hand; being each other’s partner in crime. Happy Chocolate Day, my beloved.

Let’s celebrate the occasion with some chocolates with people we love. Happy chocolate day 2021!

I have loved you ever since I saw you, and this valentine’s week just reminds me how lucky I am to have you by my side. Happy Chocolate Day, my love.

I promise to love you with all my heart if you share your chocolates with me. Happy chocolate day!

Our life together is a journey that I cherish most in my lifetime. Thank you so much for taking care of our bond. Happy Chocolate Day! I love you

(1) Best Collection of Hindi Shayari

Hasta Tha Muj Ko Rula B Detha Tha
Ker K Wo Moj Say Aksar Waday Bhula B Detha Tha

Bewafa Tha Mageracha Lagta Tha Dil Ko
Kabi Kabar Batian Mohabat Ki Sona B Deta Tha,

Best Collection of Hindi Shayari

Kabi Bay Waqt Hi Chala Ata Tha Milnay Ko
Kabi Mobhat K Qimti Pal Gawa B Daytha Tha

Tham Layta Tha Hath Mera Yun Hi Kabi
Khud Kabi Hath Apna Mery Hath Say Chura B Layta Tha

Ajab Dhop Chaon Sa Tha Mizaj Us Ka
Motbar B Karta Nazro Say Gira B Daytha Tha
Boht Tanha Hun Me Aaj, Kash Tum Aa Jaty
Aj Kuch Waqt K Liye Paas Mere, Kash Tum Aa Jaty

Waqt Ki Raftar B Jese Tham C Gai Hy
Tham Na Jaye Meri Saans, Kash Tum Aa Jaty.
Ek Bewafa Ko Hum Ne Is Dil Mein Jaga Di Thi
Khuwabon Ki Duniya Apni Us Se Hi Saja Di Thi,

(2) Best Collection of Hindi Shayari

Kabi Khud Ko Itna Kamzor Na Hony Dia Me Ne
Par Aaj Bikhar Geya Hun Me, Kash Tum Aa Jaty

Barson Se Jee Raha Hun Bin Tere
Aaj Nahi Guzar Raha 1 Pal, Kash Tum Aa Jaty

Chaha Tha Us Ko Hum Ne Khud Se Bhi Bohat Barh Kar
Us Chahat Mein Hum Ne Ye Hasti Hi Mita Di Thi

Maloom Nahi Tha Hum Ko Woh Bewafa Bhi Hoga
Us Per Bharosa Karke Khud Ko Hi Saza Di Thi

Socha Tha Sath Mil Ke Kaatenge Zindagi Ko
Us Ne To Ek Pal Main Har Baat Bhula Di Thi

Kaisa Sitam Hai Dekho Woh Kab Se Judda Hai Mujh Se
Apni Zindagi Jis Ka Saya Sa Bana Di Thi

Kiya Tha Us Per Bharosa Kyun Hadh Se Barh Kar
Us Ki Jafa Ne Dil Mein Ek Halchal Si Macha Di Thi.

Best Collection of Hindi Shayari